Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little about me

OKay, so talking about myself makes me uncomfortable, I am not totally insecure but I was raised to ask questions, look folks in the eye and not be selfish... not that talking about ones self is necessarily that, I just don't feel like I should.  However, I like to connect with people and being and selling online it makes it difficult to truly do so... so here I am.

I love my studio.  My studio is like a long hall way but the view is incredible and the amount of time I spend there is LONG, so it is sort of fitting.

Yep I got my Jedi boots on....  ready for battle with the forces of creativity.  (okay, here is an insight, I am a total geek.)

This is one of my views that I get to see...
The romantic in me wants to sing when the flowers bloom, and the light....oh la la.

Me outside my studio, this leads to the back yard.
I am wearing some of my jewelry... and of course, eyeing the view!

I am just a jewelry designer that loves nature and friendship, plus add a good laugh and I am as happy as well.... a jewelry designer.  If you have any questions about my work I would love to chat!  Now if you want all my secrets... well all I can say is " I am your father!"  NOOOOOO!  hee hee hee


solarjinx said...

You're funny, you actually made me giggle. Yes boys do giggle, but only blogger boys. ;) And you're cute and creative.. I'm in looooove, ahhhhh! Ok, on a serious note (not that I wasn't being serious just then) I am interested in a shadow box creation. Do you make those?

DreamTheEndless said...

RE: My blog...

At least you update yours more often than I do.

Would you be interested in coming over to my mom's house sometime and doing a little bit of Etsy handholding for her? Account creation, a few photos and uploads? I'm sure I could figure it out, but you're more familiar. Besides, it would be an excuse to get you to come over.

Let me know.