Friday, April 30, 2010

Adorn thy hand!

Rings are my new favorite things to make and sadly I only have 10 fingers (thumbs included) to decorate...

I am always lamenting about not have extra arms and hands... now I am really whimpering on about it...  I have more jewelry I can shake a feather at (sticks seem mean)   So, like always I figured I would sell some (kinda sharing I suppose)  I see everything now as an object I can wear...  no antique mall, fabric store, bead shop, paper mart,  are safe from me.... hee hee hee hee

My Red Flower Ring is just one of the creations!
I have already sold one and I have a small stack of more to add!  I also would like to create some using buttons and securely tied bows... hee hee hee  I am a ring monster now!

Oh and stay tuned I am announcing and show casing the contest winner tomorrow on this very blog... wee!

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